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Final Gratituesday of 2009

Ear Infection Equals Misery for All

Olivia's First Outing - More Exciting Than I Would Have Liked!

Happy Due Date, Olivia!

One Month Appointment, Newborn Clothes, and Hadley's Visit

My Grandma

Still Here - Just Tired!

First Doctor Visit (Outside the NICU) and Grandma Eckert Visits

Olivia is HOME!

Update...Maybe Not Saturday

Maybe Saturday!

Baby Shower Cake


Baby Shower!

A Few More Pictures

Grati-Friday and the Craziest Week of My Life (So Far)

Everyone say hello to Olivia!

A Weird Way to Wake Up in the Morning


Peanut Butter Creme Pie

Pumpkin Dip

Dinner and a Diaper Bag

Tonight's Menu: Beefy Gravy Over Mashed Potatoes

And...I'm Back

Babymoon Weekend!

Taking Things Easy, Baking Bread

An Unfun Saturday

The Waterfall in My Family Room

My Favorites: Kitchen Tools and Gadgets - Le Creuset

Birth Class Update

The Little House Books

28 Weeks Tomorrow!

My "New" Favorite Soup - Black Bean and Bacon

Birth Class and Goals Update

Second Day: Success!

First Day of New Goals

Strange Dream

New Goals

The Stripes Are Done!

You Are Not My Aunt Anymore

She Doesn't Quite Get It and Boo on Applebees