Taking Things Easy, Baking Bread

I'm feeling a lot better than I did this weekend. I'm still fairly sore in the abdominal region, but not nearly as bad. It still makes me a bit nervous that they weren't sure why I had so much pain but there isn't a lot worrying about it will accomplish at this point so I'm trying not to. My doctor's office called yesterday to check on me. I didn't realize that they would do that and it made me feel good to talk to the nurse. I'm trying to really take it easy for a few days. Luckily I froze those meals a few weeks ago! Also lucky for me that I'm not one of those people that can't relax and take things easy. I'm sure I'd get sick of doing nothing fairly quickly, but a few days is fine by me. I'm really thankful that I've not had to go on bedrest. I think that really would make me crazy to not be able to do anything for weeks!
Glenn worked late last night and after we finished eating he cleaned the kitchen and did his own laundry and generally picked up. What a blessing he is! Today has been so much more relaxing for me with the kitchen already clean. I didn't even realize how much it bothered me until it wasn't messy anymore! Luckily Piper has been really behaving herself and such a good companion lately. She has been curling up with me on the couch or the bed while I watch TV or read. She's also a nice little space heater!
One thing I have decided to try was to make my own bread, sort of. I bought some frozen bread dough. I love the dinner rolls that my grandma makes that way so I thought I'd give the loaves a try. Plus it's cheaper than buying sliced bread. Yesterday I tried the thaw in the fridge overnight and then put on the counter to rise method. It took forever! Possibly the house was too cold, but I did raise the temp to 70 about 2 hours into the 4.5 hours it took to rise. I also turned on the oven and put the bread under the vent. That really seemed to help, but the directions said it would take 2-3 hours. Not so much. It did turn out really great and we ended up eating the whole loaf. So today I tried the quick-rise method. You heat up your oven, turn it off, and then put a pan of boiling water on the bottom rack with the bread pan above it. Now THAT worked quickly! The bread turned out a little softer this time, but it's still really good. Now I'm thinking about asking for a bread machine for Christmas. If nothing else just to mix and raise the bread.


Angel said…
Bread machines are great! Not only can you bake bread in them, but you can make dough if you wanted to do other stuff like breadsticks, pizza crust, croissants, etc. And, if you needed bread quickly (like you ran out when you needed it for dinner), you'll probably have all of the ingredients on hand and could have bread in a couple of hours!
Erin Spilker said…
Hey Emily and Olivia!! I am so excited to see you next MOnday... Hazel can't wait to see you wither. I hope you are feeling better soon!! I know those things are so stressful. Take care of yourself and enjoy what little time you have left of being alone!!! :) Anyway, just wanted to say hello!! Love, Erin

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