Olivia's First Outing - More Exciting Than I Would Have Liked!

Christmas Eve was Olivia's first outing. We went to Bruce and Sheila's to celebrate with Glenn's family and planned to be gone 3-4 hours. We had dinner and opened gifts and then readied to leave. I was a little nervous - okay, I was nervous on the way there even - but usually the highway is kept pretty clear. Just outside of York (on a York road) we got stuck in a snowdrift and never even made it to the highway. Apparently Seabrings aren't meant for 4x4ing in the snow. When we hit the drift the belt that charges the car battery broke/fell off/disappeared. The car died shortly after that. That part was a little scary because the wind was blowing so hard and it was snowing a lot. Thankfully we had our cell phones and we called back to the house and a rescue party came to get us. Olivia slept through most of it and never even got cold thanks to the super car seat cover we got as a gift.
We got back to the house and started figuring out what we were going to need. Diapers were top priority. Some neighbors happened to have a few leftover preemie and newborn ones leftover from their kids. The wife was so sweet - she sent them over in a gift bag along with some bath toys as a gift for Olivia (almost made me cry). That got us through the night until we got a big pack from the Kites, who even had the same kind we like to use at home! We had made up a few bottles before leaving home and for some reason I decided to grab the can of formula (we are combo feeding) before we left home - good thing! Kim brought over extra clothes for Olivia and let me borrow her pump. Sheila had saved her sons' cradle and Bruce and Tim put it together for us. So Olivia was good to go. We know hardly anybody in 'Burg very well, but we called our only neighbors on Friday morning and they were able to get over and let the dog out for us and make sure she had food and water. Getting that taken was a load off of my mind.
The husband of the aforementioned neighbor took his big pickup and went with the guys to try and get our car out. The guys seemed to be having fun in the snow and thought it was a great time. Maybe it's more fun when it's not your car. I was relieved when they got themselves and the car back safe and sound. It turns out that someone else got stuck coming from the opposite direction in an SUV not far from our car and they were able to help her get out too.
We stayed with Bruce and Sheila for two nights. It was pretty fun, even though I would have loved to have been home instead. I'm really not a fan of staying in other people's houses in case you didn't know - even when they are the most hospitable people in the world - and being gone when I didn't plan to be makes me especially anxious. Probably the most fun was playing Wii with Bruce and Sheila. Watching them learn to play MarioKart was hysterical. Todd and Grandma were also there and it was nice to spend some time with them as well. The weather was as bad as I've seen it in years so I was thankful to have such a comfortable place to stay put for a few days. Plus, Sheila is a good cook and made sure we didn't go hungry!
Yesterday they got the car fixed (thanks for being open O'Reilly's!) and around 3:00 we were able to slowly make our way home. The highway wasn't terrible, but there were some places that the drifts were so big that they had only plowed out one lane. They hadn't plowed our street yet so we parked on the street across the parking lot. It was interesting getting into the house through the drifts. Luckily Glenn took Olivia and went back for our stuff so that I only had to worry about getting myself through. Piper sure was happy to have us home!
The first thing we did was give Piper and Olivia baths (not together) and then take showers ourselves and put on clean clothes. Man, did that feel good! We were both pretty worn out so we ordered a pizza from Casey's for supper and then just enjoyed being home.
I'm so thankful for all of the people that helped us - Glenn's family (especially Bruce, Sheila, Todd, Tom, and Kim), the Kites, Bruce and Sheila's neighbors that we don't even know, and the Kites. We were so blessed this Christmas and certainly have quite a tale for Olivia!


Aunt Barb said…
Wow - you have SO MANY stories for 2009! I'm so glad you had such nice people helping you, and that everyone was safe and sound. Aren't you glad you weren't driving to Lincoln to have a baby in that weather? :) Excited to see you all soon.

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