The Waterfall in My Family Room

Yesterday our plan was to go to Lincoln for our last birth class and hospital tour, finish registering at Target, and have a nice meal together. Exactly none of those things happened. Glenn wasn't feeling too great when he went to bed on Saturday night and it didn't get any better. He woke up yesterday with the flu. I decided that I didn't want to go without him so I made some oatmeal for breakfast and we settled in at home for the day. I was sad about having to cancel our day together. The times we spend together doing baby stuff mean a lot because Glenn doesn't get to go to my appointments, but it's not as though Glenn could help being ill. We decided that we'll just have to do a hospital tour later and make the best of it.
While getting a mixing bowl out of the cupboard I bumped some other dishes. Apparently some of them were stacked precariously and when I bumped them some fell to the floor hitting my ankle on the way down. My large CorningWare casserole dish and a large serving bowl smashed into a few big pieces and a lot of bits. At this my resolve to make the best of things failed and my hormones kicked in and I cried. Glenn helped me clean up the mess, I made him vegetable soup for lunch from the leftover pot roast vegetables, and I felt a little better.
Glenn took a nap in bed and I ended up falling asleep on the couch. I woke him up around 5:00 and he took a bath. I heard a weird trickling sound. Then I heard a dripping sound. I looked up and water was dripping down the ceiling fan and into the family room! I ran upstairs yelling for Glenn, told him what was happening, and then ran back down to put buckets under the waterfall. After tearing apart the bathroom and part of the tub we figured out that when Glenn was in the tub he got some (ok, more than some) water down the emergency overflow hole. Turns out that the pipe isn't actually connected to the hole. Nice. Thank you, people that sold us this house.
I ended up self-medicating by making (and eating) chocolate cupcakes. Maybe not the healthiest coping mechanism but I didn't care one little bit. Glenn and I watched an episode of Midsomer Murders before going to bed and that also helped my mood - such a great show.
When I got in bed and it was time to pray together I realized that I needed to be thankful for a lot of things. Thankful that Glenn isn't more sick and that I'm not sick as well. Thankful that I didn't break more dishes and that I didn't get seriously hurt when they broke. And really thankful that the water falling into the family room wasn't due to a worse problem (aka more expensive problem)!


Aunt Barb said…
Wow - that was quite a day!! I like the title of your blog entry, but it could also be called, "When it rains, it pours." :)

Believe me, someday when you think you're having a bad day, you'll look back at that one and say, "oh yeah, but remember that one day in October?" My theory has always been that we need the bad stuff to truly appreciate the good.

And now you have me thinking about chocolate cupcakes...

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