A Few More Pictures

Olivia is continuing to do well. She has lost a bit of weight but they think it's due to the fact that she is having to maintain her body temperature on her own and because she is doing some feedings from a bottle. It's hard to be patient and understand that premies have a lot of ups and downs before they can come home. Glenn especially is struggling with having to leave her at the hospital. I think this is because he hasn't been able to get to the hospital as often as I have been since he's back at work. I know that it's really only a few weeks until she'll be home but right now it seems like forever. Again, I am so thankful to have people willing to get me to Lincoln until I can drive myself. I am so ready to be completely healed. I really need to be thankful that I was not on bedrest very long. This recovery thing is for the birds!
On a side note the nurses seem to really love her. Every time we meet a new nurse they say, "She is just so sweet!" It's so nice to know she is in good hands and really makes it easier to leave our little girl.


Aunt Barb said…
It will be SOOOOO worth the wait! :)

Glad she's doing well..love the photos...glad you're getting to hold her and cuddle, and glad you were able to visit together!

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