Ear Infection Equals Misery for All

Olivia has been a little fussy the last couple of days but I chalked it up to all of the craziness of being snowed in and not being home. Then last night after her 8:00 feeding she slowly got worse and worse. Around 10:30 I took her downstairs so that Glenn could get some sleep. Not too long after she started really crying. I kept changing positions, tried feeding her, bicycling her legs in case it was gas, rocking, bouncing, giving her a pacifier...everything I could think of. Eventually it was all out screaming. She's cried pretty loudly a few times but nothing like this. It was scary. I was afraid she was going to make herself throw up and it was so hard to watch. Her back was arched and her legs were rigid. I tried to remain calm but couldn't help but cry some myself. Twice she fell asleep for less than minutes and then started screaming again. She was so worn out. I've never felt so helpless!
Finally around 12:45 I couldn't take it anymore and woke up Glenn. We tried calling our insurance nurse hotline. Complete lack of help there - they told us that our pediatrician should have a number we could call. Actually, no. Our doctor told us to just go to the emergency room if we needed something after hours. Thanks for nothing, BCBS. We called our moms for advice. We offered her more to eat and she refused the bottle - a first since coming home from the NICU. Around 1:30 she was still going - we got the car ready to go to the emergency room. While in her car seat waiting for the car to warm up I tried rocking the seat. She actually calmed down for a little while and fell asleep. Then 10 minutes later she woke back up. Then she fell asleep again. We cautiously carried the car seat up and put it in her crib (to keep the dog away). We got in bed and turned out the light. And she started to cry again. Glenn rocked the seat again and she fell back asleep. I think we both were praying really hard at that point!
We discussed if we should even wake her up for her next feeding at 3:00 if she was still asleep. We decided we should. Around 2:00 I finally passed out completely. I remember the alarm going off and Glenn getting up to feed her, but I fell right back asleep until I got up to give her a bottle around 5:00. She fell asleep again. We called and got her into the clinic this morning. Turns out she has an ear infection. In a weird way I felt better - there really is something wrong and there is something we can do about it. I just keep hoping and praying that tonight is not a repeat. All 3 of us were in tears and I wanted to join the screaming at times.

On the plus side, Olivia is now up to 7 pounds 12 ounces with diaper and clothes. I'm so happy for each and every ounce!


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