And...I'm Back

It has been yet another whirlwind of days in the Tandy household. Glenn left Thursday on a business trip to Indiana. This makes me nervous, but he promised not to travel after October. I'm glad he made that promise because now they want him to go to Illinois too! He should be able to help them remotely from here and hopefully won't have to go anywhere for a few months. I was sad to not be able to go with him. Last year I got to tag along when he went to New Mexico and we had so much fun, but we couldn't afford to fly me to Indiana too and I wasn't up for the LONG car ride at this point. He finally returns tomorrow and I can't wait to have him home again!
On Saturday I went to Lincoln for a class on breastfeeding and then on to my parent's house for the weekend. Eric and Lindsey went to a wedding so I hung out with my mom and dad and my nieces. We had a good time, excluding Hadley's fall down the stairs (she was ok, just scared). After an awesome spaghetti supper I got to help out with bath time. Zoey still fits in the big utility sink but Hadley got to bathe in the big claw-foot tub. While I was washing her hair Hadley asked me, "Did I used to give you a bath when you were a little girl?" Hmmm, not really how it works kiddo. Zoey entertained me by making monster noises. It's funny to hear this low growl come out of a tiny blond pigtailed child.
Sunday I went to church with everybody and had potluck after. Then Mom, Dad, and I went back home. We stopped at the Apple Orchard and for once Marci wasn't working (figures). Mom and I were going to nap but ended up watching a show called "My Fair Wedding" which I'd never even heard of. Basically a wedding planner comes in and makes a bunch of changes (AKA upgrades) to the wedding and reception and the bride doesn't know which things he chooses until that day - even the dress, her hairstyle, the location, etc. It was pretty entertaining.
After that we went to my cousin Hunter's football game. Halfway through my grandpa decided to leave and I went with him. It was pretty cold and the bleachers were killing my rear. I hung out with him and grandma until the game was over and we all enjoyed some Godfather's buffet. I do love me some Godfather's!
Monday I got up and managed to get ready in time to have lunch with mom and dad. We went to Whiskey Creek. I haven't been a big fan of theirs but decided it was time to give them another shot. Verdict: I may dislike them even more. I just don't care for their food at all. The atmosphere may have been cool 10 years ago and the service is only so-so.
After lunch I headed to Lincoln for a doctor's appointment. I saw awesome nurse Jerri and she assured me that everything was looking great. After that I went to visit my cousin Erin and her 8-month-old little girl Hazel. It was awesome to spend time with them. Erin is super supportive and Hazel is super adorable! I spent like 2.5 hours there but it flew by. Can't wait until Thanksgiving to get to play more with Hazel!
I then headed to meet up with my friend from high school (also named Emily) who has graciously offered to let us stay in her house in Lincoln if I need to around the time the baby comes, especially if the weather could be an issue. She was recently married and moved into her new husband's place so her house is sort of a place to crash just in case. We had dinner together and I got to look through some wedding pictures. It was really nice and as is usual when we are together the time just flew by.
Blessing of the Week-ish: I got back to York around 9:20 and picked up my sister-in-law Michele. She was nice enough to say that she would stay with me these last couple of nights until Glenn comes home. I really don't sleep very well when he's gone, but it's been worse than usual. Translation: I let myself get really freaked out by noises and end up sleeping less than half of the night. I feel like a big baby, but the hormones are not helping this at all. This morning I awoke feeling rested and really good, so I sure owe her one! There's just something about being pregnant and alone at night, especially after our little scare a couple of weeks ago too, that has made me feel quite vulnerable. Not my normal state and one that is very frustrating for me to be in. What a blessing to have someone willing to sleep on the couch just so that I can sleep through the night!


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