Happy Due Date, Olivia!

Big girl!

In her sweater, mittens, and booties from Albania from Kevin and Allison
(made by a friend of theirs - so neat!)

Today is Olivia's due date. As I look outside today I can't help but be thankful that I did not go into labor today (or even the next couple of days). Of course that didn't mean she needed to come quite so early just to avoid the snow!
The past 6 weeks and 5 days have been such a crazy time! It's weird how the time seems so slow and yet so fast. I have never been so sleep deprived for so long in my entire life. I also have never been on such a roller coaster of emotions for so long. It's been hard not being able to take Olivia anywhere, and so not go out much myself. I miss going to church and seeing friends and family. Being a mom has been hard! I think it's good to recognize that fact - makes the small (and not so small) blessings mean more to me. I hope I'm doing a good job being thankful. Being thankful makes life a little easier to bear. There were times that her due date felt like it would never get here and times I wondered if I really actually wanted to do this mom thing, but as the days have gone by I am starting to really connect with Olivia and this has made all the difference. This is about as much as I can share coherently today. Hope you enjoy the latest pics!


Lindsey said…
Yay Olivia!!!!! Love you little peanut!

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