Babymoon Weekend!

This last weekend Glenn and I took a babymoon - a last trip for the two of us before the baby is born. We had such a nice time. It is suggested to take the trip in your second trimester and I wish we had in a way because I just kept running out of steam, but we pared down what all we wanted to do and made it work. We ate out at pretty much all of my favorite places, shopped, and relaxed.
Friday we slept in and then went to St. Elizabeth's for a personal tour of all the areas we will be in - labor and delivery, nursery, etc. Our tour guide was really nice and made sure to get all of our questions answered. We then went to lunch at HuHot - one of Glenn's absolute favorite places. I haven't wanted to eat there since becoming pregnant because I just haven't felt like I would eat enough to make it worth while, but my appetite has been returning over the last couple of weeks. In case you are wondering, my favorite is beef or chicken with water chestnuts, carrots, and broccoli, 3 ladles of The Khan's Favorite, 2 of Burn Your Village Barbeque, 1 of Mean Bean Garlic, and a half ladle of garlic oil. From there we went to milkworks and I found out that the diaper bag that I think I want is no longer going to be available in the fabric I want so if I want it I'll have to find it online somewhere it hasn't sold out yet. It's a little pricey, so I decided to keep looking around.
We then headed to Omaha and checked into our hotel. We used credit card points to get two free nights (breakfast included!) at the Marriott. The location was great, right off of I-80 and not far from 680, and the hotel was beautiful and only 6 months old. We relaxed and then headed out for a late supper at Carabba's. We decided to split an appetizer and a brick oven pizza. The pizza was grilled chicken with an Italian style sweet and sour sauce, romano, fontina, mozzarella, and pine nuts. Probably my new favorite thing there - very different and really good! The forgot to put in the order for our pizza so we ended up getting the pizza and some desserts for free. We spent only $12! After dinner we went to Target and Home Depot.
Saturday morning we ate breakfast in our hotel. Normally we would not do this because it was really expensive, but it was free this time so we did. We then headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart, one of my favorite places to shop, and decided on a crib and mattress. Of course it wouldn't fit in our car so I'm going to have to beg my parents to pick them up for us - I'm not paying $80 to have a large box delivered. We then went to Village Point where I found some nice baby gifts at Carter's for some friends at church who will also be having babies soon. We then ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise (after it was vacated by the 3 bus loads of tipsy women on a gambling weekend). I had my favorite sandwich ever there - the El Cubano - with sweet potato chips. Even now my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I've tried cuban sandwiches at a lot of places but this is the best I've had. After lunch we went to Parable to look for a baby book but didn't find any we liked. We went back to our hotel and napped and watched some episodes of Lie to Me that Glenn downloaded. We then went to a sketchy comic book/role playing store. Then time for another late supper at PF Chang's. We split an order of lettuce wraps and spicy chicken. I do love those lettuce wraps. Glenn likes them too, but made me promise not to tell him what was in them.
Sunday we went to the mall and then to Cheesecake factory. My meal was disappointing. I ordered the lunch salad and white pizza. The pizza didn't have much flavor. I did order cheesecake to go and it ended up being awesome. The weather was so nice that I wished I had enough energy to try the zoo, but besides being 30 weeks pregnant I have a head cold and I just didn't see myself making it very far.
So really we did a lot of eating, plenty of relaxing and watching tv, and some running around and shopping. It was nice to get some things done and spend some time together uninterrupted for a change.


Lones World said…
Yea for a Babymoon! Happy birthday to you, huh?

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