First Doctor Visit (Outside the NICU) and Grandma Eckert Visits

Today Olivia had her first visit to a doctor since coming home. She hit 5 pounds today! She has grown to 17 3/4 inches - an inch longer than when she was born. We are trying out a new doctor - I'd never even met him before - but the NICU doctor suggested him. It turns out that I like him. He was very nice and very sweet and gentle with Olivia. He said she is looking really good. Her color, tone, and reflexes are good considering how early she was born. He is really pleased that she is growing so well.
My mom has come to stay with us for a few days. She is has been a combination of Mr. Clean (but female and with hair) and Betty Crocker, cleaning and organizing and making awesome meals. She even takes a break from doing those things to change diapers, give bottles, and hold the baby once in a while. It's so nice to have a clean house. Weeks of being in the hospital and going to Lincoln every day, plus being pregnant beforehand, did nothing for our house and it was pretty messy and dirty. Normally I just aim for messy and not dirty but lately... I feel like I can take care of it again now that I'm over the hump. She's also going to make a Thanksgiving dinner for Glenn and I before leaving for the family celebration tomorrow. She's even done a great job of not driving me crazy. Bless her, I think she's going to need the next few days off to recover from all the hard work here.


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