Baby Shower!

Yesterday I had a baby shower hosted by some amazing friends at our church. I cannot even begin to describe how blessed I feel to have been given such a lovely shower. Jenna made a green and pink argyle cake! I was in shock when I saw it - it was so perfect for me! (On a side note in case you don't know this about me, but I really love argyle. And stripes. And paisley and polka dots and lots of patterns. I was actually wearing an argyle sweater for the shower.) I'll have to get some of the pictures from the shower to post so that everyone can see her handiwork. Lindsey made napkin rings that had pictures of Olivia on them that were so cute. And the rest of the food was really good. There were even deviled eggs, which is one of my favorites. How special it is to have friends that know me so well! A big thank you from me to Gail, Ginger, Christi, Jenna, and Lindsey! (Don't worry, Mom, I'll still send out formal written thank you's.) I feel like I'm using too many exclamation points here but I can't help it. This much awesomeness cannot be expected to be contained.
I also want to say how overwhelming and touching it was to have so many people attend the shower. I have no doubt that my little girl is loved by my church family! We received a ton of cute little clothes and baby items. It was fun going through everything with Glenn when he got back from Lincoln last night. I almost couldn't stand the cuteness.
Glenn loves anything with bunnies and rabbits especially and was excited to see several things with those and some "I Love Daddy" and 'Daddy's Girl" outfits. He is so completely wrapped around her little (really little) finger already. In fact, he's planning on setting up a webcam in her room tonight so that we can look in on her whenever we want to - hopefully he can get it working with the hospital's internet. Having an IT guy for a husband can really pay off sometimes.


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