Olivia is HOME!

Yesterday was an amazing, exhausting, wonderful day! Baby Olivia finally got to come home. Saturday when we went to see her the nurse told us, "As long as nothing happens tonight you can take her home tomorrow." We were happy and surprised...and cautious. We were almost afraid to hope that she would really be released. We did a lot of shopping and laundry and getting ready Saturday night. We also checked our mail for the first time in a week - yikes! Anyway, the last two days have been a blur. The last two weeks have really but the last two were especially so. We made it through last night no problem. She was really tired yesterday and we had a hard time getting her to eat as much as she was supposed to but by the 12:00 AM feeding she seemed to be eating fine again. Now she is sleeping in her pack 'n' play making funny squeaky noises occasionally. It's just such a relief to know she is doing well and any time I want to I can check on her or hold her. Now begins the real adventure!


Aunt Barb said…
Hurrah! Yay for all of you!

Great photos, too!

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