I have so much to be thankful for right now. I probably always do, but these seem really big for me right now.
I am slowly but surely on the mend from the c-section. I even coughed yesterday and didn't feel like I wanted to die. I need to slow down a little because it's still easy to overdo it but I can tell that I'm healing. All and any progress is great. My hormones seem to be settling down a little...but I still cried when I watched Little House on the Prairie yesterday. Of course I did that sometimes before I gave birth but still...
My dog has been sleeping NOT in our bed since I returned home and hasn't been crying or whimpering all night. We've tried (ok, not really hard) but never successfully to get her to sleep elsewhere before but for some reason this time it worked. I do miss her warm fuzzy self after Glenn gets out of bed in the morning, but we were afraid she would jump on my healing stomach in the middle of the night (at least once a week she misjudges when she jumps up on the bed and lands on me).
My father-in-law had surgery yesterday and they removed a pituitary tumor that has probably been growing for at least 10 years. He was doing well last night when we saw him and this could make such a huge difference to his health. I'm thankful they finally figured out the problem and now can come up with a plan to help him feel good again.
My husband has been more caring and supportive than I ever thought possible. Dealing with the birth and NICU and everything else has really brought us together. I really feel like we are a team. We are more patient with each other, more kind. I'm so blessed during this stressful time that we have found a way to not take our tension out on each other. It also warms my heart at how much Glenn loves our daughter already. I even think he may love her more than I do right now!
My darling baby girl is really doing well. She is slowly putting on weight and working on her feeding skills. Yesterday she ate every other feeding from the bottle. It's such a slow road but I keep reminding myself that in the big picture a few weeks isn't that long. I'm still so thankful for the wonderful NICU and nurses. Olivia is in a different room now that is bigger and has a window and it's nice that we have a little more room when we visit.


Love you Emily! We are so thankful for all the good news about Olivia! Can't wait to meet her!

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