A Weird Way to Wake Up in the Morning

I know a lot of you have heard the news, but now that I'm settled into a room with my trusty lappy (Glenn managed to pack not one, but two laptops this morning) I wanted to just give everyone a rundown on the day's events.
This 4:00 this morning I was having a weird dream where I kept hearing doors shutting and then I suddenly awoke. About 20 seconds later I felt a gush of fluid. In our birth class they said that most of the time most women had more of a leak or a trickle, but this was definitely a gush. That's about the time I went into shock. I remember saying, "Wait, I could have a baby today?"
Ironically last night the last thing we talked about was what I needed to pack and the plan was I was going to do it today. Thanks to this I didn't have to do much directing and Glenn was able get most everything we needed together quickly. We left as soon as we could and got to the hospital around 5:40. We were thankful for the lack of traffic and precipitation and made really good time. Good thing I finished all that paperwork yesterday!
Dr. Maly met us at the hospital and we spoke briefly after we got to our room. He will be working with another doctor who does more of the higher risk stuff. We met lots of nurses and everyone was so great. They had me on the baby monitor for hours and are really happy with her heart rate. It took them 6 tries to get my IV in because my veins refused to cooperate and finally got in a smaller one that they will have to eventually replace. My arms look like I've seen time on the battlefield and I have bruises and band-aids all over. Apparently I have a high pain tolerance and they nurses were impressed by how still I could hold while they were torturing, I mean helping, me. Lucky me...I guess.
They did some tests and confirmed that I have a slight infection starting which is probably why my water broke. They started me on antibiotics and steroids. They did an ultrasound that confirmed the Olivia was looking good and this is also when we learned that she is in the breech position. Thanks to this they are scheduling me to have a c-section on Friday. This was not what I was hoping to hear at all, but at least now we know. Olivia will most likely spend 2-3 weeks in the hospital if all goes well.
I got to take a quick nap before a tour of the NICU and getting settled into a new room in the OB section. They let me change back into my sweats and t-shirt and I am much more comfortable now. Beats a hospital gown any day!
The weird thing is that other than the fact that I am still leaking some amniotic fluid I feel pretty much normal. Well, as normal as you can feel in this kind of situation I guess. It's funny that I was 7 weeks early and now I'm going to deliver 7 weeks early. I even joked about it last week but I never really thought it would happen. I guess I can get that Baby's First Christmas ornament for 2009 after all. This waiting thing is not my strong suit and knowing that I'll be in here for probably at least 5 days isn't my favorite plan. Having to figure out what we'll do once I'm discharge
The one thing that is overwhelming to me is the amount of love, support, and prayers we have coming our way. Facebook has been such a blessing (who thought they'd ever hear that?) and I'm so grateful for all of you that have been posting and/or asking for prayers on your own statuses. Thank you also for those that have called or texted. It means a lot to know that we have so many people in our corner! We still have a lot of things to go through and a lot of things to figure out about how we'll manage after Olivia is born but I'm not freaking out. I have awesome family, awesome friends, and an even more awesome God.


Kimberlee SIL said…
You know that we love you and will do whatever we can to help and support you. Why a Csection? Just curious. Anyway, 4 pounds is a great size and it sounds like they have things under control. Don't be afraid of the NICU. If she has to stay, you know I will be there with music for her, if you want it. I can talk to the doctors and nurses to get it approved. The research will back me up, too. I will happily come and hold your hand and interpret all the sights, sounds and machines there if you want. NICU feels like home to me, so if you want a friend there, holler. Love ya. Kimberlee
Anonymous said…
Thank you for taking the time to blog about all of this! I have thought of you all at least a hundred times today. And you're right, FB has been flooded with thoughts, prayers and hope for you. It is really moving to see hundreds and hundreds of people stop and rally around someone when they need it.

Take good care of yourself, rest and most of all try not to worry. Everything is possible with the grace of God!!

Erin (Ulbert) Eddins
Jaime Long said…
Hey Emily! Sounds like you are not stressing which is obviously very important for Miss Olivia. My nephew was born almost 3 months early and weighed 2 lbs. 4 oz. and he is 6-years old now. Very smart to boot! I also have a cousin who is 14 and she was born 1 lbs. 2 oz. As you know, Dr. Maly is fantastic and will keep you at ease. Hang in there! I will be thinking about you. Best of luck!
Angel Dale said…
Good luck Emily! C-Sections aren't that bad. It does mean a couple more days in the hospital (I myself spent four nights in the hospital). The labor itself will seem somewhat uninvolved, but it's way easier than actual labor according to everything I read and saw. The recovery isn't as bad as they used to be either. It sucks because you can't drive for a few days, but really if you make yourself get up and walk and keep thinking you can do it, you'll be on your feet in no time! I'll be thinking and praying for the three of you. How sweet you are to keep everyone updated while you're lying in a hospital bed. Let me know if there's anything I can bring you, I can be in Lincoln anytime until Monday! Angel
Phifer Family said…
I cannot imagine how scary this all is. I am so happy for you and praying for you all! I know everything is going to be great and you are going to be well taken care of! We are thinking and praying for you that everything goes well and what a blessing to get your baby girl early. :)
timaree said…
love you, em and love you, glenn! may the next several days be swift and painless and olivia's arrival be full of joy and happiness!
Laura said…
Oh, Emily, I love that you have blogged about this! You've been in my prayers all day today, and I'm so glad you're not afraid to use technology to let us all know what's going on (probably helps the time go by in a boring hospital, too!). The important thing is always that you have a healthy baby, and it sounds like you do! I'm so amazed at your composure with the whole situation. And you won't have to spend the Christmas season just waiting for her appearance (Lloyd was due the 21st and didn't show up till Jan 3rd--it was the longest two weeks ever!). My prayers will continue to be with you. You're going to be a mom soon! Yay!!
Anonymous said…
I was at a Vet Board meeting all day so I missed your entry this morning. My phone started ringing (it was Lynn) during my meeting. Finally, got a break and called her back and she told me what was happening--I was shocked! I had to find out from Washington that you were in the hospital in Lincoln. I know this was not exactly what you had planned, but you are at the best place and they will take care of you and Olivia. Praying for the three of you to come through this surrounded by family, friends and wonderful staff. Love you! Gail
Julia S said…
Em, just read the update. Hope you are resting and envisioning the beautifyl girl you will soon be holding. I was holding Nathan as I read your blog and just cried for the blessings of babies and friends! You are inspiring me to pick up blogging to record these awesome family experiences. Wish I was closer to be more physically supportive, but my love and prayers are definately with your family. This holiday season will be just a taste of wonderful ones to come!

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