My Grandma

I feel pretty bad - I forgot to even call my Grandma on her birthday. She's such a cool grandma, too. I know she checks this blog so I thought, "I'll blog about how great she is. She'll see it and know that I love her so much I wanted to brag about her to everybody!" So here is a small portion of the reasons why she's pretty much made of awesome!

Many people have a sweet old lady for a Grandma and I guess mine is sweet enough, but she's also smart and has a sharp sense of humor. She makes me laugh. She's kind and generous. She makes sure that things are fair for the grandkids as much as possible. She has the gift of hospitality and makes sure that everyone is neither hungry or thirsty for long. Along with that she knows how to make every jello or bean salad known to man. She makes about a billion dinner rolls for every family holiday from the "secret family recipe," and there is usually enough that I get to take some home. When I would house-sit for them she would make sure the fridge and freezer were full of things I liked. She's very supportive. She's got good advice on just about every subject but is careful to never criticize my choices. All-in-all, I'm pretty blessed to have her in my life!

Here are a few special memories I have...
During college I had a weird summer j0b where I would work mornings and evenings for Parks and Rec. I didn't want to drive home between times so I would go to my grandparents house. I would eat a bowl of rice chex and at 3:00 Grandma would kick the little boys out of the living room and we would watch Trading Spaces. We had so much fun critiquing the designers and both thought Doug was full of himself. Very bonding!
Grandma likes to play games - board games, cards, all of them. We play Kismet (kinda like Yahtzee) and I swear she and Grandpa must cheat because I hardly ever win. She counts the dice up before I can even get started. She's a sharp lady too. I will not play Scrabble with her because it isn't a fair fight. We used to play a game we called the Geography game that I learned in 5th grade. You have to name a place (city, state, country, etc.) or a geographical feature (river, lake, ocean, mountain, etc.) and then the next person has to name one that starts with the last letter of the one before and you can't repeat. For example, I would say, "Elkhorn (river)" and she would then say, "Nevada" and then I would say, "Albuquerque." Grandma would write them down so we made sure that we never repeated. She knows I lot more places that I did but I tried to make up for it with creativity, haha. I know it might not sound like much fun, but we played for hours and hours! The game extended over many visits and many pages of legal pad.

So happy birthday, Grandma! I hope you know how much I love you!


Aunt Barb said…
All true! :) She IS awesome!

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