Still Here - Just Tired!

An actual awake picture! Rare because normally she is either eating or screaming to be eating when she is awake and it's not the best Kodak moment.

Sleeping in the same position Mom does.

Santa Hat from Nolan, Barb, Madeline, Katherine, and Peter

I think this might be the longest I've ever gone between posts! Today Olivia is 4 weeks old! Things here are going pretty well. We are on a strict feeding schedule (every 3 hours) that has been a little tough to adjust to. I miss my sleep, but it's so important for her to get those calories! The doctor said that once she hits 9 pounds we can go to an on-demand feeding schedule. Obviously I'm not holding my breath. I love her A LOT but I'm not going to lie - pretty much at every 3:00 AM feeding I ask Glenn why people have more than one kid. Everyone says that you forget how tired you were and that the time goes fast and blah, blah, blah. I'm sure I'll believe them in 6 months but right now not so much.
One problem we are having is that Olivia has a lot of uncomfortable/painful gas. She turns red and her tummy gets rigid and she pulls her legs up tightly. She even half cries in her sleep. She is in our room so that is part of why I'm not getting enough sleep. It's hard to listen to her being so uncomfortable and there isn't much I can do for her. This is just about the most frustrating thing I have ever known. We have been using gas drops and we rub her tummy and work her legs. I'm not sure if any of them is really helping but at least it's something we can do.
Other than that she eats and sleeps and sometimes is awake (usually when I've planned to get something else done or we're trying to eat supper). She is really good when she gets a bath still and likes being swaddled for bed. She drinks her bottles so quickly it amazes me sometimes. During tummy time she does pretty well at picking up her head and changing the direction she is looking. She isn't a real big fan of being on her tummy actually but she does okay.
My biggest thing is just trying to figure out some kind of daily schedule for us. Every feeding time takes about an hour between changing her, feeding her, pumping, and washing up everything. Trying to figure out the best time to eat, clean, pick up, play with the dog, and maybe take a nap in between hasn't been working out so swell. We'll just have to keep on it.


Aunt Barb said…
Can't believe she's a month old already! She has really grown. As for the's hard, but so worth it. I always thought the magic month was number FOUR - things kind of felt "settled" at that point for me. Hang in there! Can't wait to see you all again!
Unknown said…
Yeah, schedules have never been my strong point, and just when I think my kid is being predictable, he stays up all day and doesn't go to bed till 3 a.m.! Know that most other mommies know just what you're going through (right down to the questioning ever having more kids), and eventually we all make it through. And you know how cute little girls get eventually--one day it will be your own telling you she doesn't want to talk to your pants! ;)

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