Birth Class and Goals Update

Last night Glenn and I attended the first of three sessions of a birth class offered at the clinic where I doctor. We mostly went over the basics of how birth happens. We also spent some time talking about why it's important to relax the body as much as possible during labor and different ways to do that. It wasn't earth-shattering by any means, but it felt good to hear it from an actual trained person and not just read it in a book. I've been talking to a lot of newer moms too so I feel like I've got the basics pretty much down, but it was really good to have Glenn there to participate. I'm sure he knows more than I think he does (at least I hope so) but I really like the idea of him being there.
Next week we will go over hospital procedures and I'm really looking forward to that part. I can't relax until I feel like I know everything I can possibly know ahead of time about something like this. I realize that I can't know EVERYTHING, but I have to feel like I have done what I can to be well-educated.
On a funny note, the woman leading the class had a few interesting lapses of speech. The first one I really noticed was when she said "mute point" instead of "moot point" which really wasn't that funny or a big deal. Later though she was talking about something a lot of mom's say while in labor and she said, "and Dad, she will be dead as a heart attack." I'm hoping she meant "dead serious" and combined it with "serious as a heart attack" because in that setting it was a little inappropriate! Nobody laughed or said anything or even looked around at each other but later Glenn and I died laughing on the way home because we both caught it.

I've been doing okay meeting my goals. We've managed to stick to the menu planning pretty closely for the week, which really is the thing I'm most proud about. It helps our budget so much when we actually stick to it! The dishwasher got unloaded, but not many dishes have made their way back in. Luckily we haven't been home the last two nights so it's not as though there are a lot to be put in. I decided against yoga yesterday because it makes me sore and I knew I would be very uncomfortable during the 2.5 hour birth class if my back was bothering me.
If nothing else I feel good about the fact that I am at least TRYING to do better. I'm definitely sitting around doing nothing less of the time. I'm amazed at how much time I can waste and every time I do I end up feeling guilty later. It's nice to not have that feeling at the end of the day.
I've worked at the library several days over the last week and a half. I really enjoy being able to fill in once in a while. I wish I could work on a more regular basis, but for now I appreciate the money and the opportunity.


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