New Goals

This week I have decided to set some new goals for myself. They won't be too difficult - I actually want to have goals that I can accomplish. I'm hoping that by putting them on here I will have a bit more accountability. These goals are to help me be a better steward of our home, money, and health.

1. Sit down and actually plan out the meals for the week...and then follow the plan. No ordering a pizza because I'm tired!
2. Make one meal that can be easily doubled and frozen. I did this last night with enchiladas and I couldn't believe that I haven't been doing this all along. It really took very little extra time and now I have a meal ready to help with that not ordering pizza when I'm tired thing.
3. Unload the dishwasher as soon at it is finished. This will allow the second part of this goal - loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher when we are done eating instead of just stacking them in the sink or on the counter.
4. Do my prenatal yoga every other day. I've been pretty hit and miss with it so far.

That doesn't seem too bad, right? We have a super busy week ahead - hopefully I will stick with it!


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