Ultrasound Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day I feel like I've been waiting for since learning I was pregnant. I have known that I wanted to find out the gender ever since I heard that it was even an option many years ago. It's a good thing Glenn wants to know too! A lot of what we are registering for will be gender neutral - at least the big things - since we are planning to have at least one more child but I do want to be able to paint and do some things gender specific. We've had some people give us a hard time about finding out, saying that we won't be surprised. I say I'll just be surprised a little earlier! I just feel like I'll be able to make more decisions and get things done once we know (mostly) for sure.
I think one of the things making it more exciting is that this is one of the appointments that Glenn will be going to. He hasn't been to one since I was around 6 weeks because every time he takes off to go, he loses all of his overtime pay. Our plan is to go to the appointment and then get our registering done (as long as baby cooperates and we know the gender). We'll take a break at some point since I'm bound to be tired and have a nice dinner. I'm really looking forward to having Glenn along. Luckily I've had friends and family that have volunteered to go along with me to other appointments so I don't always have to make the drive alone, but it will be extra nice to have Glenn with me. We haven't had a fun trip in Lincoln together in a long time, so it will be sorta like a date too!
Please pray that baby cooperates tomorrow! Hopefully I will have a happy update tomorrow night!


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