Houseguests and Wedding Reception

This has been a very fun and very busy last week or so. Our dear friends Kevin, Allison, and new baby Michael arrived late Tuesday night to spend some time in the York area. They are currently in the states for the birth of Michael but normally spend their time as missionaries in Albania. We hadn't seen them for a couple of years and it was great to spend some quality time. I also cooked more than it seems like I have in a long time! Glenn didn't seem to mind that at all. Piper did pretty well with Michael. It had been a while since she was around a newborn - basically since Hadley was little and Glenn and I watched her on Sundays. We were a little nervous to see how she would do. She was VERY curious about him, but showed no aggression or jealousy. In fact, she seemed to be best behaved when I was holding him. They left us Friday afternoon to spend time with some other friends and because we were leaving Saturday morning for Colorado.
We left fairly early on Saturday to make it in time for Sarah Day's wedding reception. We dropped Piper off at the kennel, the Bibles Kevin left at our house, and then picked up Mark and Ginger and were on our way. Being preggo means having to stop every hour or so for a bathroom break so we had to plan time in for that as well. We got there in plenty of time and enjoyed spending some time with Shawna, a friend from college, and some time with Sarah as well. We went to a barbeque at the house of Sarah's new in-laws and had a nice time and some great food. After that we went back to Sarah's old apartment and busted out the air mattresses. I was completely worn out and read for a short time before completely zonking out. We got up early, ate breakfast, and then hit the road again. It was a lot of time in the car for me in two days, but I'm glad we got to go. We got home in the late afternoon just in time for Rusty to stop by on his way south to York. After he left I was feeling pretty dead, so I warmed up some of Sarah's alfredo sauce that we got to bring back and cooked some mini penne and we watched the What Not to Wear I'd Tivo'd from Friday. That was pretty much the whole evening. It felt nice to get in bed early and even nicer to be back in our own comfy bed!


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