30th Birthday!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I think my facebook status sums up the conclusions I've come to about hitting this milestone: "Emily 'Eckert' Tandy is not where she thought she would be at age 30 but is happy, satisfied, and probably better off. Thank God the things I wanted at age 16 are not what I ended up with!" I also just want to clarify that when I say "thank God" that I really mean that I thank Him for it - I'm blessed that He has a better plan for me than I could ever come up with!
Anyway, yesterday felt a lot like most of my days except we got to go out for dinner. Having birthdays during the week is sorta like that. It was still a good day. I enjoyed a 2 hour nap - think I was still worn out from the weekend.
I picked Glenn up from work and we went out to Kerry's. I told Ginger we were going to tempt the food service gods once again. For a long time we went to Kerry's a lot. The food is always good and not too expensive. Then we started having problems with the service - either being slow or not getting our order right or both - sometimes in a group, and sometimes just Glenn and I. We actually had almost stopped going there for quite a while. We decided to chance it a month or so ago and ended up having the best service we'd had in a long time so we decided to give it a try again for my birthday. The service last night was great and the food was really good. We ran into the Lones family and Christi's parents there and it was nice to talk to them and see how big the kids are getting.
The one not so fun part was when I spilled gravy all over myself. This won't come as a surprise to some of you. I actually had been doing pretty good as of late, but I guess it wasn't going to last forever. I always ask for their gravy on the side because it can be a little salty and because I don't like it touching all of my other foods besides the meat (someday I'll have to write about that - my friends gave me plates with dividers for my birthday one year). I picked up the cup of gravy to spoon some on and I'm not sure what happened exactly, only that the next thing I knew I had HOT gravy buring down my hand, down my shirt, and covering most of my lap on my right leg. Ironically I always have my napkin in my lap thanks to my mom, but usually on my left leg. I really wanted to cry at first (thank you hormones!) but managed to hold it together and not let it ruin my night. I cleaned up as best as I could with napkins and a damp towel. Luckily the place wasn't very full and there weren't a lot of people to witness the incident.
The worst part was feeling really gross and smelling like gravy for the next hour plus until I got home and showered and changed. It actually worked out well for Glenn because I didn't want to go into Wal-Mart after that and he had a chance to get me something for my birthday since he somehow hadn't done that yet. He got me some really pretty bright orange lilies and a promise of something more eventually. Hmmm, as long as it has nothing to do with computers or console gaming systems.
After getting home we really didn't have any plans but wanted to do something other than watch TV. We decided on playing through all my favorite songs on Guitar Hero 1, 2, and 3. Maybe not my first choice for birthday fun, but we ended up having a blast since we hadn't played them in quite some time.
On a sorta related note, today is actually Piper's 5th birthday. Maybe I'll let her eat some people food or something on purpose for a change.


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