Goodbye Snake Haven and Burn, Baby, Burn!

Yet another crazy busy weekend, which in some ways started on Thursday. Thursday night we went to see District 9, thanks to a gift card to the theater Glenn received for his birthday. It was really a great movie. I enjoyed it much more than I expected. It was an interesting combo of sci-fi and social commentary. The CG was truly amazing. Mark and Ginger came along and it was nice to "double-date" with them.
Friday night Glenn borrowed his brother's truck and brought Tim home with him to rid our yard of what I call the "snake havens." After we had a large branch come down last year, hitting the house and crushing the fence, Glenn got rid of most of the wood by giving it to a co-worker who burns wood for heat. Glenn piled a lot of the smaller branches into 3-4 smaller bunches in the yard. I told him that I did not want them in the yard because they would attract snakes and other unwelcome creepy-crawlies but until we actually had a snake in the basement he didn't believe me. Even that was not enough to movtivate him to borrow a truck, but Thursday I had enough when yet another garter snake was hanging out by our back door. Piper loves to bark at them, but there is no love from this quarter. Glenn and Tim spent an hour getting rid of the wood piles for me and taking them to the lawn waste dump. I grilled hot dogs for supper and then treated them to strawberry shortcake. Afterward we started a new role-playing compaign, but I was so tired I didn't last more than about 45 minutes. Glenn wrapped things up quickly for me and I soon headed to bed. The boys didn't mind at all as it gave them a chance to head down to play computer.
Saturday we headed into York to drop Piper off at the kennel, her favorite place in the world other than our couch, and eat some Tandy pizza. We hung out at Glenn's parents' house for a while and then decided that some ice cream was in order. We went to Applebees for a mini date and split a dessert.
Afterward we headed to Mark and Ginger's for the Murder Mystery party. Justin and Crystal were our hosts, but they are in the middle of selling their house so we had it at the Steggles. It was a '70s themed party so I had Glenn grow out a sketchy mushstache for the occasion. He also wore a shirt only buttoned up a few buttons and some gold chains we borrowed from Michele. His character was John Revolting, a dancer. I wore my blond afro wig (not the whole time, it was HOT with all my hair under it) and my character was Gloria Stunmen, a feminist who started magazine. Everyone was doing really well getting into their characters and it was so much fun. On the last page I found out I was the murderer! I was also formerly a man, Jimmy Hoffa actually. Weird.
Sunday we drove up to Fremont. After church Glenn and I went to Wal-Mart to register - take three. I did call ahead to make sure we could do it there. It was nice to get that out of the way. We drove through Sonic and headed out to the lakes. Man, Sonic's food was gross but I love those strawberry limeades.
The weather was strange in that it was cool but mostly sunny. When the sun would go behind an occasional cloud or if you were in the shade it was actually cold but being in the sun felt really nice. I think that's where my problem came in. I noramally spend most of the time in the shade where it's cooler. I did put some sunscreen on but didn't reapply after I played with Hadley in the water...between that and not being in the shade I got really sunburned. My biggest problem with getting burned is that I can't tell I'm burning until it's too late. I slowly get redder and redder, sometimes hours afterward. The worst part is that I burned a stripe down the front of my legs, including my feet. Glenn said I looked like a flag with my blue suit bottoms and red striped legs.
I would like to say that overall I did have a really good time yesterday. Marci and Gabe came boating along with the family and it was awesome to spend some time with them too. The lake was empty other than a couple of fishing boats so those skiing and wake boarding really enjoyed it. After boating we went to my parents' house and enjoyed spaghetti and meatballs, one of my favorites and something I'd been craving yesterday since watching Tyler's Ultimate on it in the morning. We got home around 10:00, showered, and rolled right into bed.
We keep talking about trying to not be so busy but I feel like it's maybe not a bad thing. Once Olivia arrives we won't be able to run around and do so many things this easily. I worry a little about Glenn getting burned out, but hopefully this next weekend we will have a little more downtime. I guess we'll see!


Glenn said…
First comment!
Amy Petersen Kucera said…
Lol I hate snakes as well!! You would think growing up on farms we would have gotten used to them little suckers but NOPE!! My husband laughs at me cuz i actually keep a shovel on the porch year round and when i see one in our iris patch on the side of the porch I go a little balistic with my shovel and usually end up having slaughtered snake on my sidewalk (oops ) But its one less snake!! Should i ever find one in my basement that will be the end of me going down there!

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