Crazy Weekend

Wow, last weekend was so jam-packed with activities that it feels like it must have been longer than two days. Saturday morning Lindsey and the girls picked me up and we drove to Fremont to help with Vacation Bible School. Glenn stayed behind to strip woodwork (darn, I can't help since I'm preggo) and then have a LAN party in the evening. Other than one stop in David City for Hadley to use the bathroom and two stops for contruction we made pretty good time...well, we weren't the last to arrive anyway.
The VBS ended up being lots of fun for the kids even though it was outside in the wind and the heat. I manned the painting wooden fish station. That was interesting with the wind blowing as hard as it was and around a tiny round table. Mental note if I have to do something similar in the future - only give kids 5 color choices. Seriously, there were over 30 little bottles of paint for them to choose from. Also, use a bigger table that isn't 2 foot off of the ground. Oh, well. It ended up working alright and the kids had fun so that's the important thing. It was fun watching the kids stomp on grapes in a baby pool. Zoey Belle had a mental breakdown because they took off her sandals (man, she loves those things) but most of them seemed to enjoy it.
Saturday night I headed to the Washington County fair to meet my dearest friend from high school, Emily Maas. We planned to do all the things we used to do when we were in school together and would go to the fair every night. Dad let me take his truck since I didn't have a vehicle (minor miracle there) and while I promised to park far away from everyone I found a sweet spot right up front and took it. What is it about finding a great parking spot that makes me so happy and makes me forget promises to park in the north 40? Sorry, Dad, but I guess laziness and great parking win out every time with me.
When I stepped out of the truck the first thing I noticed was the smell. It was so familiar even though I hadn't been to the fair in 10 years! A mixture of fair food, dust, and animal scents that somehow is not unpleasant, even to my preggo nose. Emily was running a bit late (why break with tradition) and so I chatted with her sister and her friends that I hadn't seen in years. Once she arrived we ate at the Band Booth. Two dollars for a Frito Pie! Awesome. Then we toured the 4-H building and the animal barns. We looked at all the entries for quilts, vegetables, flowers, etc. It was so stinking hot, but really I enjoyed it all. It was a little nostalgic but also a great chance to catch up with and have some "Emily time." I decided I couldn't handle just sitting in the heat at the rodeo, so we decided to drive around for a while. We joked that half of our friendship was spent in a car - Emily drove me everywhere during high school it seemed - so we couldn't miss that part. It was probably the best part of the night, and not just because there was A/C. We drove all around the country side, missed hitting a few deer, and just talked a mile a minute. It's so great to be able to be friends with someone in this way. To know that you will always be friends, that you can respect and be proud of where each other is now, and that you really enjoy the little time you have together.
Sunday morning we all went into Fremont for church. Glenn and Eric drove up to meet us. After lunch we headed out to the lakes. The weather was strange all day - sometimes it would rain and sometimes it was sunny and hot. The lake we were on was basically empty, which was awesome! Eric, Lindsey, and Glenn got to try wakeboarding. The three of them and dad also water skied. Poor preggo me had to stay on the beach and hang out with Hadley, Zoey, and my I mind that much. The girls were hysterical playing in the sand and water. We ate snacks, sat in the sun while it was out, and just generally had a good time. We had supper together and left Fremont around 8:00. It was so nice to be back in my own bed. It felt like I'd be away for days, but what fun!


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