Baby Name

Glenn and I are 95% certain that we are going to go with Olivia. This is a name that we've both liked for years and is pretty much the only name we both agree on - so that's pretty good reasoning. I remember it being on the list we talked about while we were in college and still dating. I also love Rowan for either gender, but Glenn isn't as much of a fan. We've been through baby books and baby naming websites and family trees and we have one name left! My one issue with Olivia is that it has been pretty popular for the last few years and I don't want there to be confusion. I remember having a lot of Jennifer's, Matt's, and Kelly's (girls and boys) in my classes growing up. Interestingly, though Emily has always been up on the list, I actually don't know that many and the one in my class in junior high ended up being my best friend. I guess I'm just not going to worry about it that much.
Not sure about the middle name yet. I like the idea of a family name or something interesting yet spellable. I have to have a name that is spellable and easily pronounced. All those years working at Fremont Parks and Rec and at the college have taught me that much! I'll never forget one mother coming in and signing up her daughter, Aeziea (at least that's how I remember her spelling it - it's pronounced Asia) and thinking that there was no way I was doing that to my kid. Of course sometimes the announcers that worked for me had problems with names I would not have thought they would (Chloe is not pronounced "Ch" as in cheese and "low") but I want to do the best we can to make it easy.
Ironically Glenn and I had no problem coming up with a whole list of boy names we both liked. Figures.


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