You Are Not My Aunt Anymore

Last night I had a fun and interesting time baby-sitting Hadley and Zoey, much like always. We started out inside until Hadley could, "finish my show." Ten minutes later her show was over and I took advantage of the fact that she wanted to do something by having Hadley and Zoey help me clean up all the play-dough containers and toys before we went out. Hadley wanted to ride her trike and I occupied Zoey with one of her favorite outdoor activities, sidewalk chalk. The trick there is to make sure she does it on the sidewalk and not the house, car, etc.
All was well for a while and then I saw Hadley run her trike into Eric and Lindsey's car twice. She didn't do it very hard but it was obviously on purpose. I warned her that if she did it again we were going inside. Later I wished I would have just said a time-out because Zoey was having fun and it was so nice out, but once the words left my mouth I felt compelled to follow through. I'm not going to be one of THOSE parents after all so it was good practice. About a minute after her warning she did it again. Crap, time to be the adult. I told Hadley to put her trike back in the garage because we were going in. Interestingly enough she obeyed but she did wail, "But I want to stay outside!" until we got back into the house. Zoey of course just followed along complacently. We had a whole 10-15 minutes outside.
Back inside Hadley sniffed and moped a bit but behaved herself while Zoey and I played and watched a really stupid cartoon on PBS. About 10 minutes after coming in Hadley told me, "I am going to tell Daddy that I am not having fun anymore. And you are not my aunt anymore." Sometimes when she says things like that I have a hard time not laughing but I managed to hold it in. We had a little discussion about the reason she was not having fun (not listening and disobeying) and that no matter what I will always love her and always be her aunt. She said she was sorry and gave me a big hug. After that she was back to her crazy funny self and was a great helper. We all shared some kettle corn and had lots of fun.
Around 6:30 Zoey became bipolar, laughing one minute and then balling the next, so I knew she was getting pretty tired. I tried to put her in bed for a while but after being quiet for a few minutes she started really crying again. I was afraid she was going to get so worked up and overly tired that I would never get her to sleep. I went back in and got her and after 20 minutes of rocking and laying on me she was out. That kid is a hot water bottle. We both were sweaty when I finally carried her to bed the final time.
Hadley and I enjoyed some cuddle time before it was time for her to head to bed. She let me take the 20+ barrettes out of her hair without complaint and after only a little pleading let me tuck her into bed. All in all, a pretty great night.


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