Dads-n-Lads, Dominoes, and Columbo

This weekend Glenn headed off with his brothers, nephew, and dad for the annual Dads-n-Lads retreat at Nebraska Youth camp. It's a weekend full of manly things like bacon and building model rockets. As much as we have to do around the house, I'm very thankful Glenn was able to go and spend some quality time with the guys. We all had supper together on Friday night and then the men took off and the Tandy women spent some time together hanging out and playing dominoes. We played what I think is called Mexican Train. It's pretty fun. I started out strong, going out in the first round, and then went downhill from there. It was Ellee's first time playing and as it ended up she killed the rest of us. I think the second place person had at least twice the points she did.

On Saturday I made plans to hang out with Eric, Lindsey, and the girls and baby-sit for a while. Partway through the afternoon I got a phone call from Lindsey's cell. To my surprise it was Hadley asking why I wasn't at their house. I told her I was coming later and she told me that she wanted me to come over now! I told her I would come right away and she was happy, but then there was silence for 30 seconds so I hung up. I guess when I did that Hadley started crying because she wanted to say goodbye! So she called me back and said goodbye and then hung up. Crazy kid.
After eating supper and hanging out Eric and Lindsey went to see a movie. The girls and I played and watched Ant Bully, which wasn't too bad. Zoey went from happy and smiling to balling her eyes out in about 2 seconds, courtesy of no afternoon nap, so it was easy to tell when it was bedtime! I asked her if it was time to get in bed and she nodded and walked to her crib. I hope Olivia learns this from Zoey!
Hadley and I ate some popcorn and finished the movie. I told Hadley that if she talked to Olivia right now that Olivia wouldn't understand but would hear her. Hadley looked skeptical and said, "I don't want to talk to your pants." I laughed so hard and tried to explain. Hadley did like patting my stomach and later did tell Olivia goodnight before she went off to bed. Another funny thing Hadley said was that before going to bed she needed to "cuddle with Daddy because Daddy is awesome." That kid just makes me laugh so much!
After both kids were in bed I looked through the instant Netflix on the XBox which was amazing. I found a season of Columbo and managed to get in a while episode before Eric and Lindsey came back. Awesome. I'd forgotten how much I used to love watching that show!


Unknown said…
"I don't want to talk to your pants." Love it!! Still laughing here. ;) (Is it ok if I link this to my Emma tweet list? I'm about to put up another one.)
Emily said…
For sure. I laugh every time I remember it, too!

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