Painting the Nursery - A New Adventure in Stripes

Today we bought paint for the nursery. I got some samples while I was in Lincoln last week and Glenn painted them on the wall yesterday so that we could choose the right color. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can buy a little bottle of the color you like so that you can try it in the room. After my neon bathroom debacle last summer I was feeling a little gun shy about painting anything other than white or maybe off-white. Haha. I felt so much better paying all that money for paint already knowing that we liked how it would look in the room.
We decided to go with green and pink stripes with a small stripe of a lighter pink between them. I think it will look pretty spiffy. Luckily I have a patient and obliging husband. At first I was just going to have the green and darker pink stripes, which was plenty of work to begin with. Then I decided that I would like a lighter stripe in between. Glenn's initial reaction was a bit incredulous, "Seriously?" I promised to not make it any more complicated than that and not to change my mind again and so he agreed to follow my plan.
The tricky part about stripes is figuring out how to make them look uniform and also not end up with two stripes of the same color when you get to the end. I'm not sure I could have done the math on this one even before my preggo brain took over. Add in the fact that we do NOT have walls that are square and we have some interesting contours because of the pitch of the room and I might have had to hire someone to figure it out for me. Fortunately Glenn loves that kind of thing. He got on the lappy after measuring the room and figured out that the best width would be 14 inches for the big stripes. We decided to just use one inch for the small stripe (the width of the painters tape) to make it easier. I am feeling super blessed to have a geek for a husband - especially one that is willing to go to so much trouble and do so much physical labor to make my dream nursery happen.


ClumsyChemist said…
You probably already know this, but when painting your stripes, to avoid bleed through of one color onto the last, first paint the base color over the edges of the tape to "lock" it down, then paint the stripe color. This way any bleeding that happens is of the base color onto itself, not the stripe color onto the base.

Your description of the color palate sounds awesome! Be sure to post pictures!!
Laura said…
Hey, that sounds very similar to how I did Emma's room! Super cool. Let me know if you want any advice on stripe painting--you are very brave; it's quite an undertaking (next time I pay someone to do it for me!).
Lindsey said…
Amen to Geeks for husbands!
Emily said…
Laura, I love the stripes you did for Emma's room. Loved the pic on facebook. We decided to go all the way up, but it would have been easier to do it the way you did because of our wacky ceiling angles.

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