Tonight's Menu, Yoga, and Soggy Doggy Night

Yesterday was a really fun day. We took Piper to Soggy Doggy night at the York pool. The last night before they drain the pool you can take your dog for a swim. The cost was $3 per dog, so not too shabby. Piper has only been in a pool once and only for a few minutes so other than her baths her experience with water is pretty limited. One of her breeds doesn't swim at all so we've been curious to see how she would do. She liked the water ok, but I wouldn't say she loved it by any means. She mostly liked being around all the other dogs. Piper behaved herself pretty well so we were pleased. She was so worn out she almost fell asleep on Glenn's lap on the way home! The only bad part was that my back ended up killing me last night from standing barefoot on concrete for 90 minutes...that'll learn me!

Yesterday I also started doing prenatal yoga. I used some birthday money to order a DVD from Amazon. So far I pretty much have only done the warm-up, you have to work your way into these things, but it's been good. The thing I really like about this one is that they have actual pregnant women, one for each trimester, doing the workout so that you can tailor it depending on how far along you are. I felt nice and loosened up when I was finished and a little hot and sweaty so I'd say it was a success. Maybe I should have redone the yoga warm-up after getting back from the pool.

Last night I made grilled steak salads. It's a great way to make one steak go a long way. I was going to grill chicken but decided some more iron was in order. I marinated the steak in lime juice (fresh only), olive oil, chopped garlic, and chili powder. I'm one of those look-in-the-fridge-to-decide-how-to-marinate people and that's what I came up with yesterday afternoon. I also always keep a bottle of Kraft Zesty Italian dressing in the fridge just for marinating. I have never found a thing that didn't taste good after a long soak in that stuff. Anway, my newest combo turned out awesome! Very flavorful but you could still taste the meat if you know what I mean. Take the meat out of the fridge to take the chill off before you grill it and season it then with kosher salt and maybe some black pepper. I like salting out of the marinade mixture because if you leave it on for 7-10 minutes you get a nicer crust when you grill.


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