She Doesn't Quite Get It and Boo on Applebees

Last night my parents were coming back through York after Husker Harvest Days so we all went out to eat as a family. My mom asked where we wanted to eat - Pizza Hut, Applebees, or Kerry's. Hadley voted for Pizza Hut. Olivia via me voted no. Hadley's next vote was for Applebees, which she called "beans." So I guess our mistake was letting the 3-year-old choose.
I won't go into too many details, but the service was horrible and the food was mediocre. This is actually our normal experience at Applebees, but every once in a while we find ourselves headed back out there. Gluttons for punishment I guess. We should have known it was going to be rough when it was 20 plus minutes before we got our drinks. Glenn maintains that they were understaffed and they did seem pretty busy for a Thursday night. You know what though? While I normally give some leeway for that last night I just kept thinking, "It is not my problem you don't have enough people working. We pay way too much money for the quality of food we get here and it isn't too much to ask for good service!" Every time we end up there it seems like I vow to not go back, at least any time soon. They are lucky they are in York where there are not a lot of options for a sit-down meal. Another bonus is that Hadley and Zoey were really well behaved despite having to wait for well over an hour to get our food.
I would like to note that every time we have Rhonda we have excellent service, but we don't always get Rhonda. If you are at the Applebees in York, ask for Rhonda!!!

On a lighter note, Hadley was cracking me up again. After dinner she declared, "When you eat food it goes in your mouth and down to your tummy and gets my cousin dirty!" Wow. Think I'll let her parents explain that one in a few years.


Anonymous said…
You need to live in a bigger city where there are more choices of places to eat. When you live in smallville, the service doesn't need to be there - not much competition.
Emily said…
That would be one nice thing about living in a bigger city, but I don't think I could ever do that. I love most things about living in a small town. And honestly, I've had worse service while in a bigger city in some ways that in a small town - in a small town the word gets around if you are too crappy for too long.

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