Pics of Olivia's Room

So far Glenn has gotten the large green and pink stripes finished. The smaller stripes will need to wait for now - so they are just the white of the primer. The weird angles of the ceiling were a bit of a challenge. We decided to do them so that they look right if you are looking at them straight on. Here are some pics, but the colors aren't really the same as in person. The green is not as neon and the pink is a bit darker. I am super happy with how it is turning out. The orange is the before pics...not quite what I was picturing for a little girl's nursery. You can also see that Glenn has decided to paint the ceiling fan blades to match as well. Piper, as always, provides humor and moral support (she somehow ended up with pink paint on her muzzle).
You also probably have noticed the lack of trim and a bedroom door. Glenn is having to strip all of the trim and doors in our upstairs because they have lead paint flaking off of them. We had testing done before we bought the house and the first floor is fine at least. The charms of an old house!
PS - I noticed after posting that my background makes the colors look a little different as well. Oh, well. You get the idea!


Lindsey said…
It looks amazing!!!! Yeah Glenn!!!!
Olivia will love it. So cute!!!
Phifer Family said…
It looks so cute. I do not know why you did not want to leave the orange. :)

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