Blessing of the Week: Learning Life Lessons Through Forgetfulness

This is going to sound conceited, but ask around - I have a great memory. I have always prided myself on my ability to take in and recall information. My friends are often amazed at the things I can remember, whether a memory from a sleepover in junior high or an article I read for a paper in college. In high school I did homework, but never actually had to do much work. College required a little more effort, but not much and certainly not as much as some of my poor classmates. My ability also came in handy when I worked for the college - remembering the minute details of a room search or a conversation practically word-for-word served me well. I also remember completely random things that serve no purpose other than making me feel really good about myself when I watch Jeopardy, i.e. the first permanent English settlement in American was Jamestown, Virgina in 1607. I rarely used a grocery list. I was an information junkie.

And then I got pregnant. And my brain stopped. I've heard that pregnant women were more forgetful, but I had no idea that it would happen to ME! Being forgetful and unable to recall information has been the absolute most frustrating part of being pregnant for me. Honestly, I would rather be nauseous all the time again!
Today I began really thinking about it and I realized that in a lot of ways this has been good for me. I realized that I had never been patient with people when they were forgetful, partially because I had a hard time understanding how they could forget things and I confess, also because it made me feel superior. I don't think I really realized that until just today. I also have had to learn to be more patient with myself, the person who I am always the hardest on. Being even farther from perfect is also a humbling experience. I feel genuinely embarrassed when I cannot call upon my brain like I used to. I'm also learning to be less self-reliant (a nice way to say stubbornly independent). Glenn has stepped up to the plate admirably in the past few months and I'm left wondering if he would always have done so if I would have just let him and had more faith in him.

So is it frustrating? Most definitely. Is a a good trade for learning to be more patient, more humble, learn to let others help me and have more faith in them? I have to admit, a little grudgingly, that maybe it is.


Aunt Barb said…
Welcome to my world!! Glad you are seeing this in a positive light - what a beautifully written blog. :)
Kite Koop said…
I have always had the same "blessing," and it doesn't get that much better after having the baby. Then you just get mommy brain. Don't worry though, it gets a bit better, and then I heard that once they are older, it gets even better. Maybe not as good as it once was, but still better.

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