The Snake That Keeps on Giving

From my previous post regarding snakes you might think I hate them. That's not completely true. I'm actually okay with snakes provided they meet the following criteria:
1. They are not in my house.
2. They are not anywhere near me.
3. They do their job and eat lots of other creepy-crawlers that I don't like much either.
So when Glenn ran over a snake with the lawn mower a couple of days ago I almost felt a little sorry for it. It was in the yard, but not by me after all. That is until Piper decided to ROLL on it! So sick. Glenn let her inside and she ran up and jumped on me and right away I could smell her and she smelled bad. Why do dogs do that?! Anyway, the snake got his revenge for being chopped into pieces and Piper got to have her third bath in two weeks.


Lindsey said…
I just vomited in my mouth...

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