Holiday Themed Pancakes

We're not big fans of corned beef and cabbage but I wanted to do something fun for supper on St. Patrick's Day.  You may recall the time I made Star Wars pancakes for Valentine's Day.  What I didn't tell you what after a few batches of them I got tired of standing in the kitchen and made some special Valentine's pancakes as well that were quicker.  Tonight I used the same method to make some clover pancakes.  I just dyed a little of the pancake batter green and used a squeeze bottle to put the clovers on the griddle.  Once they had set up a bit I poured regular batter over the top. 
They would have turned out better, but I used Trader Joe's multi-grain pancake mix and the oats kept clogging the opening of the squeeze bottle.  Regardless, they tasted great!  I had green batter left after I ran out of regular so I just made a few green pancakes too.

I'm making pancakes a lot more often now that I have a nice electric griddle.  It also works great for quesadillas!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here are some I made for Valentine's Day.


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