Belated Gratituesday: Healthy and Happy!

Hmmm, having formatting issues so I guess this post will be center aligned.  :)  
These days I'm so thankful that everybody in our house has been healthy for two whole weeks now!  Not a cough or fever in sight.  What a blessing!  Olivia has been in a good mood a lot of the time.  She's even taken to sleeping in until 8:45 occasionally.  More of that please!  She's also been taking good naps - rarely less than two hours.  Since she only takes one nap a day I really appreciate this and I usually even get a little nap in myself most days.  More sleep + no illness = happy family!

Hanging out on the sofa.
Tug of war!
They both have it in their mouth.  Piper eventually won this round.
Playing with her walker/doll stroller.  Maybe we're getting closer to walking? 
Happy girl!
Mama is so funny!


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