A Project Five Years in the Making

I bought this fleece 4-5 years ago and just finally made the blanket this weekend.  When I saw the pink and orange argyle I just had to buy it.  I looked around for something to compliment it and I found the mulit-colored dots.  I think they are very fun together. 
I normally don't like to keep stuff for that long not using it so it's sort of a surprise that it survived my purge before our move three years ago.  I really loved the fabric though and I thought maybe someday I would have a daughter and make it for her or maybe make it for someone else that I thought would like the colors. 
I hadn't made a tie blanket in years but it's so easy that I wasn't worried about doing it.  I did all the cuts while I was at the craft day in the fellowship hall because it is much easier when you have a large table (I put two together).  I finished about 75% of the actual ties there but had to come home so that Glenn could do some work on Saturday.  It took me 15 minutes to finish it yesterday evening. 
I'm so glad I kept the fabric and finally got around to making it into a blanket!


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