Kids Library Event

Glenn had Olivia all morning while I went to have some craft time with some friends in York.  He even got up with her, fed her, and dressed her!  Then they went to an event at our library for kids ages 1-3.  They had a wonderful time.  I'm so glad Olivia was able to participate and Glenn was able to meet another gamer dad!  I'll have to post pictures of my finished project later - it was nice to have some time away to work on it! 

Climbing the big steps in the kids' corner at the library.
I made it!

This is her pensive look.

Reading with Miss Cassie!

Yay books!

Putting on and taking off felt animals during the story.

The bear she chose to hold during the teddy bear story.

Being a good listener!

More reading with Miss Cassie.

Taking all the library books off of their shelves isn't just for at home!


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