Photographing My One-Year-Old

I've noticed that often when we try to take pictures of Olivia that are set up, like to show off a new cute outfit or funny hair, that only the first one or two will actually turn out very well.  After that it's time to squirm and wiggle!  So with that in mind I decided to post my efforts today.  Here are the pictures I took in 5 minutes today.
Smiling and sitting calmly.

I'll even let you take a second picture before I...

...try to make my escape!

Hmmm, it's a little high up to go over the edge.

Checking to see if I'm being followed - in other words, will Mom let me climb up here...

Phew, made it!  Hmm, can't go over the back either.

Checking alternate escape routes.

Still not being followed...

That was a lot of work.  I give up.

Hunger takes over as a primary concern.


Stacia Hamidi said…
how funny! i love it and your excellent closed captioning for us viewers at home... :-)

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