Climbing Stairs

Today (while Glenn was gone of course) Olivia decided it would be a good time to attempt climbing the stairs for the first time. At first I thought that the dog must be sitting on the steps and looking out the window and that's why she wanted to climb, but Piper was sleeping on the couch. I guess she just decided to it was time to give them a try. She never has shown much interest in them before so I was surprised at how well she did. I took a couple of pictures and then got behind her (in case she fell onto the tile floor) and videoed. She was so proud of herself! We tried again once Glenn got home and she scooted right up to the landing with no problem. Oh, boy...

Here's the link to youtube for the video:
Olivia Climbs the Stairs

You can see from the pictures how excited she was. She laughed a lot while she did it too. I love my fun and happy girl! (Please ignore the dirt and debris on the stairs. Haha!)


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