Nothing Going On = Awesome!

Here are a few pics from the last week or so.  Nothing too exciting has been going on and frankly, that suits me just find after all the holiday madness.  Last weekend we had NO plans and it was amazing.  I got to sleep in and take naps, courtesy of my loving husband.  On Saturday we played board games, cleaned house (not that you can tell now), caught up on a bunch of shows I'd Tivo'd, and enjoyed playing with Olivia.  Due to the snow on Sunday we ended up coming straight home from church instead of our usual lunch with the Tandy clan and in a way it was a really nice change.  Olivia got to take a nap in her own crib and slept for several hours.  We had plenty of food and no where we needed to be so it was nice to just stay warm and cozy at home.  I haven't felt so relaxed and refreshed in a long time!
Olivia in her Christmas present - dress and tights - from Jason and Carrie!  Love it!
Olivia loves riding on Glenn's shoulders.  If only we could get her to hang on a little better...or if she had more to hold on to!  (Sorry, Honey!)
This was taken just minutes ago.  My little helper wanted to see what I was up to on the computer!
I've been trying really hard to get some fun (and appropriate to post) bath pictures of Olivia but I've been having a difficult time.  She LOVES bath time a lot so we have no shortage of happy pictures, but she moves around so much and so quickly that I rarely seem to get one in focus!  The kid is a fish!  Both sides of the family are big into water and swimming so we aren't too surprised.  I can't wait to take her to the pool this summer.  I think she will really love it.  Another nice thing about Olivia in the bath, she doesn't care at all if she gets water in her face.  You can literally dump a glass of water onto her head/face and she just shakes her head for a second and then goes on.  So much nicer than some of the kids I used to baby-sit for!
Oh, and please ignore the hard water marks that I haven't scrubbed off lately...don't worry Mom, I'll get around to it.
Every kid needs a bath picture with crazy soapy hair.
Puppy kisses during bath time.


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