Crayons and Drums

Her first masterpiece with a little help from Mom.
Olivia has been trying like mad to grab pens from people, especially her physical therapist and her Grandpa Harold, and write on paper.  I decided to buy some washable crayons and see what she would do.  I wrote out her name and then handed her a crayon.  She did some lines but mostly stabbed and made dots.  It was interesting because I made her do it sitting up on my lap at the table and wouldn't let her lay down.  She didn't do too bad and lasted about 10 minutes.

It's been getting more and more difficult lately to get things done in the kitchen because Olivia is just into everything.  I got out some plastic bowls and they were interesting for a while.  Then she found my cake pans.  I gave her a weird gadget I got for free at a Pampered Chef show but never use and boy was she having fun then! 


How fun and way to go Olivia on sitting up! Brooke is just starting to really enjoy drawing and play doh. Each stage is so fun!

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