Valentine's Day

Three months later we try to recreate one of my favorite pictures. She certainly has grown!
I'm not really pro or against Valentine's Day for the most part. I enjoy an excuse to do a little something nice for Glenn and I certainly don't mind if he wants to do the same for me. I don't think we make a big deal out of it, but sometimes (especially lately) we are so caught up in life that we don't always remember to appreciate one another and show how much we love each other. So maybe Valentine's Day for us is just a nice reminder and not a corporate scheme. Or maybe motherhood is mellowing me out a little. Haha!
We did go out for dinner at Kerry's on Friday. Mark and Ginger were kind enough to baby-sit and luckily for them Olivia behaved better for them than she normally does for us in the evenings. We had really good service at dinner and I had a $5 off coupon which makes everything taste better. We also spent an hour together at Wal-Mart and got the oil changed in the car. Romantic, right? Honestly I really enjoyed the evening. It was nice just to be able to do something together. Thanks to our baby quarantine we haven't had a chance to leave the house at the same time very often.
Right now I really appreciate the time I do have with Glenn and the time we have together as a family. Glenn is proving to be an awesome dad and he works hard to take care of us. Olivia is (finally) bringing joy to my life. While I sometimes miss working outside the home, every time I picture having to leave her with someone else every day I know that this is where I need to be. I have everything I need and most of the things I want. I am richly blessed!


Anonymous said…
What a great Valentine's Day for you!!IT's good for all 3 of you to have some getaway time~~
Aunt Barb said…

Glad you and Glenn were able to spend some time together. And so fun to see the before/after photo - what a great idea and comparison!

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