Olivia's Eyecolor

I see that I've gotten some votes on my poll here. I was hoping some parents with experience in the baby eye color changing phenomenon would weigh in. I realized later that I should have posted some more information so that the scientifically minded of you could hazard a better guess. I have blue eyes. Glenn has hazel eyes. Glenn's dad does have blue eyes so there's a recessive gene in there. I don't think from that combination she could actually end up with brown eyes but I never did take genetics. Microbiology was more my thing. Anyway, if you want to vote again go ahead and if you haven't voted, please do. I'm just curious to see what people think! You can check out her current eye color up-close by clicking on one of her pics from the previous post.
Also, I'm not going to lie. I hope her eyes stay blue. Is this because I think blue is a superior eye color? Yes, yes I do. I just earned some unlove from brown-eyed people everywhere but I don't care. I'm incredibly biased. Oh, I'll still love her if they don't stay blue but probably not as much. And if you just stumbled upon this blog and don't know me or my wildly hysterical sense of humor, please disregard the last sentence.


Glenn said…
Well I've told you several times that her eyes will stay blue...AND THEY BETTER!!!
Phifer Family said…
First, I totally agree about blue eyes! :)
Second, I want to know how you did your poll? So cool!
Gail Miller said…
Genetically, eyes are controlled by a number of genes so it is hard to tell what they will be, that being said I think she will have blue eyes!

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