Traveling and Pictures

My favorite picture of the 3 granddaughters together.

Olivia at 3 months 2 weeks

Last weekend we did some traveling to visit family and have Papa take some pictures of Olivia. Olivia is not really a big fan of the car seat. We don't really take her many places yet so I'm guessing that maybe part of the problem is that she just isn't very used to it. Or maybe she just hates it. Haha! We did move the straps up to the next notch on Sunday and that seemed to help some. I honestly don't mind all the stuff we have to bring along for her as much as I hate listening to her cry while in the confined space of the car. It's just one of those things you have to get used to I suppose.
Friday night we were able to spend some time with my Schmit grandparents. Olivia loved smiling and kicking for Great-grandma Norma. Glenn dropped me off first and ran to get us some supper. We didn't stop along the way as planned because Olivia decided she was hungry and we went straight to their house to stop the crying. Glenn brought me a Jimmy John's Club Lulu (no tomato) and it was awesome to enjoy it while somebody else feed Olivia. It's always nice to spend some time there and Grandma even had made some turnovers - one of Glenn's favorites!
The next day we had Papa take pictures of the 3 girls. We never really did get any of Olivia smiling. We ended up waiting until the afternoon (she's much more smiley in the morning) for pictures and then had to wake her from a nap to take them so the timing wasn't ideal. Nevertheless we got some good shots of her being adorable, in my humble opinion, and some fun ones with all 3 girls together. The dresses are 0-3 size so I'm sure we'll have another chance to get some when she is smiling. Unless she hits a giant growth spurt they should fit for quite a while.
On Saturday Great-grandpa Eckert also dropped by to see how all the girls were doing. We try so hard to make sure we see everyone when we go up there. They don't really live that far away, but with the weather and having to have baby quarantine we haven't visited much. We're really looking forward to summer especially (not just because of the weather). It will be fun to be out at the lakes again and Olivia should be old enough to make it interesting. We left Saturday late afternoon and made it home before dark. I was sad to have to leave without spending more time with my parents but with O's crazy feeding schedule and wanting to get home before it started snowing again we just needed to get home.
Sunday we made a special trip into York to eat at the Tandy's because Justin, Crystal, and Lydia were in town. Justin especially wanted to see Olivia and we hadn't gone in for lunch since the last time we braved church (before the RSV really started going around) so it was nice to spend some time with Glenn's family as well. In fact, Olivia got to see all of her grandparents and all of her great-grandparents except for one in just one weekend! That certainly made all the time in the car worth-while.
Coming soon: My oath to not buy any meat until I use what we already have in the freezer and my plan to make it happen!


Gail Miller said…
Love her outfit!!!!! Great pictures!
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed your visit,You have such a beautiful family.Loved the pictures.

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