Sitting Up!!!

It wasn't until I had already finished my gratituesday post that I realized I had big news that I hadn't posted yet!  I have wonderful news!  Olivia is officially going to a sitting position on her own!  I noticed her sitting a couple times for short periods but I was afraid it was just a freak occurrence.  Then I actually saw her go from crawling into a sit and stay that way for a long time last Friday evening.  I could hardly believe it.  She looks so strange sitting up by herself!  I have no idea what made her finally decide to do it.  She still seems to prefer laying down when she plays most of the time, but at least now it's not the only thing!
I feel such a sense of relief.  Now I just have to get some pictures of her doing it!


Brenda Collins said…
yeah for babies!!!! sounds like she is doing great!!! several weeks ago i wanted to reassure that she was probably going to sit on her own soon, but you know, until it happens you worry. i understand!!! she is such a darling little girl!
Amanda S. said…
That is awesome! Sending over a high five for Miss Olivia!

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