Gratituesday: New Windows = Warmth

I love our house.  I really do.  It was built in 1913 and still has almost all the original wood floors and trim - just beautiful.  When we bought the house it also had something else that was original that I wasn't so fond of - painted shut windows that were flaking lead paint inside and out.  We had the house tested for lead before we bought it (my nephew ended up with lead poisoning from their old house so our family is cautious in this area) and so we knew we needed to do something about the paint.  It would have been a ridiculous amount of work and on top of that they made our house so drafty!  We decided to go ahead and replace all the windows.  That's right, all fourteen of them, including two large picture windows.  We spent more money to have it done than to do it ourselves, but it was done in one day!  That was worth it to me.
Financially it has been a burden, but one we know is short-term.  Our house is so much warmer and so much less expensive to heat with our new windows.  As I watch the snow swirling and blowing outside right now I'm so grateful for a warm and cozy place to live.  Plus I know that Olivia is not going to become sick from the lead.
And while it's hard to imagine right now, it is nice that they open and close when the weather is nice!


Tracey said…
Congratulations on the new windows!! Glad you can enjoy them now and when the weather's warmer!

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