Home Again, Home Again

In our lovely hotel.  Thanks, Abengoa Bioenergy for footing the bill!
I really enjoyed our time in St. Louis.  It was great to have time to read and relax.  I even got a nap in one morning!  We ate out all the time and discovered that it may be Panera to the rest of the world, but in St. Louis it's The Bread Company.  We tried Brazilian food (really good but maybe not worth the money) and took walks every night at the mall near our hotel after supper since it was too cold to walk outside.  I played Oregon Trail on facebook and sudoku on my Nook.  I took leisurely showers and went to the bathroom by myself.  Ah, the simple things mean so much when you're a mom!
Glenn didn't have to be at work until 8:30 so we both enjoyed a chance to sleep in.  The corporate office ended up being less than a mile away so it didn't take Glenn but a minute to get to work.  This was nice as last time he had a bit of a commute when he was working at the plant.
The Awakening.  Outside the corporate office.
I was a little hesitant to do this, but Glenn asked around in the office and apparently everybody likes to go out and take pictures on it!
A friend of mine from YC, Rachel, moved down there last summer.  She picked me up and we got to try out a coffee house that made delicious lattes and gooey butter cake (a St. Louis specialty).  She also drove me through some beautiful parts of the city.  I really hope we can go again when the weather is nicer.  There is so much to do!  Next time she is going to take me to see the studio where she makes the most beautiful pottery so I can learn more about it.  I love learning!  If you're interesting in seeing some of her stuff, she's on facebook and you can like her stuff, just look for Windfall Arts - it's also for sale here.  I love her farmhouse collection so much!
Rachel and I at a local coffee house.  Mmmmm, latte!
Glenn and I ended up having an afternoon to hang out before catching our flight home so we went to the science museum.  It was a lot of fun and one really nice thing about St. Louis is that so many museums and things are free.  We went to a special exhibit called Grossology - The (Impolite) Science of the Body.  It certainly was gross, and really was for kids, but we enjoyed it anyway.  I didn't take any pictures of the poo portion, which included a slide for kids to ride down the esophagus into the stomach after which they can crawl out through the intestines onto a brown colored mat.  You can thank me later, although I'm sure for my more visually imaginative readers the description was enough to induce gagging...sorry.
Really cool physics display.  Large colored balls are taken up to the top and then they loop and whirl and whiz overhead.
Moving dinosaurs!
The snot portion of the Grossology exhibit.  The faucet-head guy explained the science of boogers to us while snot drips out of his nose.  Ewwwww!
Shooting boogers (ping pong balls) into the nostrils.
We're inside a giant ear canal!
A tornado that you can manipulate.  Really cool.
We also spent a good portion of the afternoon looking for a Barnes and Nobel.  They seem to be everywhere until you actually want to go into one.  We used our GPS in the rental car and it took us to several places where there may have once been a B&N, but there certainly wasn't anymore.  In fact, we had a terrible time with the GPS this time and we speculated that it was in serious need of updating.
I wish we could have had a day where Glenn didn't have to work at all...maybe next time.  We didn't even make it to my parents' house until 11:00 and with Olivia already in bed it just made sense to stay overnight.  We got back this afternoon and I'm so glad to be home.  I made a big pot of turkey noodle soup and it was nice to feel like I was eating something nourishing again.  Olivia went to bed well and doesn't seem to have suffered any lasting damage from her time away from me.  It was awesome of my parents and my aunt to watch her for us!
Olivia reading to us out loud on our way home.  I missed hearing her little (and sometimes not so little) voice from the backseat!


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Science museum sound awesome!

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