Gratituesday: All Alone

Glenn found out a few weeks ago that he had to go to St. Louis for a business trip and thanks to cheap flights, family to take Olivia, and tax return money, I got to come along!  It is quite cold here so I won't be doing a lot of venturing without a vehicle, but right now I'm just enjoying being alone in the quiet of our hotel room.
It's strange being alone for very long now that I'm used to being a SAHM.  And it's strange to have it be so quiet - no kicking of cupboards, no xylophone playing, no banging Little People into their plastic beds, no jabbering story-telling one year old .  Don't get me wrong, it's actually very nice.  It's just so different!  And I can do whatever I want here.  Read, watch TV, check facebook, update my blog, nap...and go to the bathroom by myself. 
Faced with the silence and choices, what did I do once Glenn left for work this morning?  I called my mom to check on Olivia of course!  Haha!  I do miss her, but not enough to wish I was there.  She's having fun and in good hands. 
Other happy things:
We are staying in a much MUCH nicer hotel and in a not-scary part of town this time.
There is a mall with a Williams-Sonoma basically across the street from our hotel and even if I can't afford to buy anything there right now I still love to look!
I get to get together with an old friend tomorrow that lives in the area.
I have my NOOK so once I finish my library book I will still have over 70 books to choose from next!


annies home said…
sounds like lots of good reading will be going on

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