Sick Kiddo

The last few days at our house have been anything but fun.  Olivia has been running a high fever since Thursday evening.  Other than the accompanying fussiness she hasn't had any other symptoms.  It seems this has been going around in our area.  We actually had something similar about 6 weeks ago, but her fever was not nearly as high.  It's been over 104 for a few days, even up to 104.8, which is pretty scary for Mommy!  I called her pediatrician on Friday and as long as she's still eating/drinking some, having wet diapers, and her fever is responding to medication there isn't much else we can do.  She's been having a hard time keeping milk down (they also said this is normal) but has been drinking ice water.  She refuses outright to drink juice or Gatorade or pedialyte from her bottle or her sippy cup, but then again has never really liked them even when she is well.  What kind of a kid doesn't like juice?
Thursday night/Friday morning she did not sleep much, so we didn't either.  She fussed almost through the night and I was up with her at least once every hour.  Friday was pretty much awful all day.  She was exhausted but barely napped and the heat just radiated off of her.  I was so thankful once Glenn got home to help!  I was worn out!  Friday night into Saturday she slept some better.  Saturday wasn't as bad and her fever was down to 102 so we figured we were on the downhill slide.  She even slept for 6 hours without waking up with only minimal fussing in her sleep, which was awesome for all of us.  But then when she got up she was burning up again and back up to over 104!  Poor kiddo.  You could just tell she felt miserable.  She took a long nap this afternoon - 3.5 hours - and woke up crabby, but her fever is finally way down.  We're going to keep on the drugs for a while but I'm really praying that she is finally on the mend!


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