Gratituesday: My Health

On this Gratituesday I am so thankful for my health.  I just received the results back from my cholesterol test and the numbers are great!  My total is very low at 146.  When my blood pressure was taken last week it was 112/76.  It's kind of funny in a way.  I know that I don't look like I'm that healthy on the outside, but I guess my efforts are working.
Beyond that my mental health is the best it has been in months.  Between the loss of my Grandma Norma and the fact that I have been switching between medications to try and find the best fit, I just haven't been feeling great.  Nowhere near as bad as I was last summer, but not as good as I know I can be.  I know a lot of that the reason I haven't been as bad is that I'm using the coping techniques my counselor has taught me and also having worked through some issues.  Now I have being seeing my counselor a little more often again and have found a really good fit medication-wise.  I'm more interested in cooking again which makes it easier to plan out meals and make good food choices.  I find it so interesting that if I can get my mental health in a good place it's so much easier to work on my physical health.  It can take a lot of energy to get through the day when my depression and anxiety are "flaring up" and things like eating healthy and being active are the last things on my mind.  I know the converse is true as well and that eating healthily and being active can make it easier to deal with depression and's just one of those circle things.  
I'm pretty proud of myself and thankful to God and all the people that continue to support me as I work on my health.


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