Swedish Festival and Father's Day

Playing with Grand-grandpa Don.

Actually cuddling with Great-grandma Norma.

This is what happens when my schedule is disrupted! Sorry, Grandma Julie!

Great-grandma Norma makes me laugh.
Uncle Eric took this pic of Olivia at the Swedish Festival.
Well, it has been a fun weekend around here. It was the Swedish Festival here in town and we went on Friday night for the annual chicken and pork chop barbecue. Eric, Lindsey, the girls, Joe Mann, Lloyd and kids all journeyed up as well as my friend Jen. We headed home pretty soon after the little local girls did the Swedish folk dancing since Olivia has such an early bedtime. Everybody came back to our house after a while and the little girls all got to play with Piper. Only two of them got knocked to the ground. I think Piper is losing her touch, either that or Hadley is just becoming an expert on dealing with our excitable dog. Piper actually calmed down pretty quickly and the girls threw her ball and sticks, which she didn't really fetch, but they all had fun anyway. People with kids left pretty early, but Jen and I ended up hanging out fairly late and it was great!
Saturday we took Piper in to the kennel and did a little shopping at Wal-Mart then enjoyed a nice afternoon at home. Glenn and Olivia went to the local firehall to buy BBQ beef sandwiches for supper. I love all the groups raising money by selling food. We help them out and I don't have to cook pretty much all weekend! Glenn and I also learned that as nice as it is to support the high school dance team, you really shouldn't buy funnel cakes from people that don't know what they are doing. You get a thick, oily, mess. So on Saturday we bought one from the carnies instead - it was so good! Saturday afternoon I also made Glenn a Father's Day present (sorta). I took a Starbucks travel mug that you can add pictures and things to and made one for him with a fun background and pictures of Olivia. It felt good to be a little crafty.
Sunday we left early for Fremont and went to church with my parents. After the potluck Glenn went with my dad, Eric, Joe, and Lloyd to go boating while Olivia, Mom, and I went to visit my grandparents. Olivia was doing pretty good considering that she hadn't had much of a morning nap. She played on the floor with Great-grandma and even CUDDLED with her. This child does not cuddle, except for a handful of times when she has been sick and only once with her own mother! We had a really nice visit and then Mom and I took Olivia and went back to the farm. I had high hopes that Olivia would take a good afternoon nap once we got there but I was to be disappointed. Grandma Julie took a nap on the floor while Olivia played and I read some magazines. After a couple of hours we met the guys for supper at Valentino's and then drove home. Olivia slept a little, screamed a lot, and got to bed an hour later than usual. She did sleep like a rock though and didn't wake up until 6:15, which was pretty nice.
Unfortunately she has been pretty crabby today so far and didn't take a very good morning nap. I love when we travel and see people, but sometimes the resulting day or so of living with Crabbo-Zabbo (aka Olivia) makes me not want to go anywhere! Hoping tomorrow is better!


Anonymous said…
loved your visit-we'll welcome you any time. sorry that we ruined your blog with the photos though,

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